Debunking the “Ignorant Past” Assumption

A frequent claim against Christianity is that it spread widely because past peoples were ignorant and prone to attribute unexplainable phenomena to “the gods” or “miracles.” Lightning and thunder scared them and they believed the gods were angry. Ghosts and spirits roamed the world and caused sickness, disease, mental illness and needed to be appeased. Miracles were commonly believed so the story of a man rising from the dead was not a problem. These kinds of things happened all the time and no one questioned it. It was just the kind of world we live in – a world we could not control. Most people believed the earth was flat and had no reason to think otherwise. It was only until the Enlightenment that Western man began to think critically and examine all of these superstitions and found them false. Now, in our time, we are the truly enlightened heirs of this new generation who can distinguish truth from fiction, reality from unreality. Armed with the tools of science we usher in the new age of rationalism.

Luke, the author of was asked what it was in his study of the historical Jesus that led him further into atheism. He said…

“It certainly wasn’t one single fact, but hundreds and hundreds. Basically, Christianity looks very much like just another religion invented by ancient, ignorant, superstitious people. Its claims about the universe are numerously false – until they are reluctantly rewritten to keep up with science, which has only made God smaller, less active, and more hidden.”

This assumption is even accepted by such a critical thinker as Richard Carrier in this article….. You would think of all people he would know better.


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