Famous Debates

We have linked to either the audio/video of an actual debate or the transcription. These are considered especially important due to their participants, special arguments or other historical reasons.

Copleston-Russell Debate

This debate took place in 1948 between two eminent thinkers:
Father Frederick C. Copleston (Jesuit Catholic priest) and Bertrand Russell (agnostic philosopher). Enjoy.

Copleston-Russell Debate

Warren-Flew Debate
Held in Denton, TX in September, 1976, this debate took place over four successive nights and featured Thomas Warren, Dr. of Philosophy of the Harding Graduate School of Religion in Memphis, TN and Dr. Anthony Flew. Dr. Warren was a personal friend and one of my favorite professors in graduate school. Obviously much ground was covered including evolution and philosophical arguments for the existence of God. This debate is important for nothing else than the fact hat it took place over four nights and could hold the distinction as the longest debate on the Existence of God on record.

Warren-Flew Debate

Two websites collecting multiple debate links

A couple of websites that have collected hundreds of debates and general apologetics links are presented below. First, commonsenseatheism  has over 400+ atheist vs. Christian debates:


and next, Apologetics315 has a vast general apologetics collection:



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